As we navigate the exciting journey of growing a startup or managing a dynamic business, we are often confronted with opportunities that demand rapid responses—such as raising capital, entering into strategic partnerships, or exiting via trade sale. To seize these opportunities effectively, one often overlooked but essential factor comes into play—the organisation of our business folders and information.

A Tale Opportunities

Let me paint a picture. You’re facing an exciting opportunity. A deal that could potentially catapult you to the next level. You’re eager, ready, and confident. But you hit a roadblock—one that you never anticipated would stall a deal. You were not quite prepared to gather all the necessary documentation and information swiftly. 

Turns out that you knew you needed to get a handle on documentation in your business, but it just kept getting pushed to the bottom of this list because while a logical process, one that requires a lot of thinking about how to do it. 

So it turns out that your folder structure and documentation are not streamlined for a transaction. It’s not that you lack competence, but you simply hadn’t anticipated the scale and speed at which you needed to operate through due diligence.

The Domino Effect: Lost Momentum

One thing led to another, and what was supposed to be a smooth process became a tedious task. Your opportunity begins losing momentum. All because your organisational structure, specifically your digital folders, wasn’t set up to facilitate such a fast-paced process. 

Sound familiar? 

We’ve been there. This experience was a revelation—an organisational wakeup call. It showcased to us the power of having a logical, comprehensive folder structure. 

The Importance of Structure: Efficiency, Visibility, and Control

An effective folder structure can work wonders. Here’s why:

1. Efficiency

You can find things swiftly when you need to. No more digging through files and folders, wasting precious time.

2. Visibility

You can identify gaps in information quickly and address them promptly, maintaining a comprehensive record.

3. Control

With a structured organisation, access control becomes a breeze. You can effectively manage who has access to what information, enhancing security.

These points become even more crucial when it comes to documented procedures and record-keeping.

The Path to Transaction Readiness

Transaction readiness isn’t just about financial preparedness or having a compelling pitch. It’s also about being organised and ready to provide any necessary information at a moment’s notice. That’s where the role of a comprehensive, logical folder structure becomes indispensable. It can significantly speed up due diligence, ensuring you can move forward with momentum and not lose steam in the middle of a crucial deal.

We Learned, We Adapted, and Now We Help

We took our experience to heart, learned from it, and transformed our own operations at RcD. Now, we don’t just preach the benefits of well-structured business folders—we embody them. We’ve made it part of our mission to help other businesses achieve this level of preparedness.

Whether you’re a startup founder, an executive, or an investor, Rollercoaster Digital can guide you in setting up an effective organisational structure. We can help you streamline your operations and ensure you’re always transaction-ready. So when that next big opportunity comes, you’ll be prepared not only to meet it but to seize it with momentum.


About the Author

Chris Shackleton, Co-Founder of Rollercoaster Digital, merges a decade-long leadership with a deep understanding of technology and commercialisation strategy. Renowned for his ability to navigate complex business challenges, Chris harnesses his firsthand experience and a rich history of global collaborations and networks to offer valuable insights.

He has consistently worked at the crossroads of technology and business strategy, pioneering innovative solutions to drive enterprise growth. His successes in technology and business operations positions him uniquely to discuss the transformative power of technology, tech maturity, and their evolving roles in shaping the contemporary business landscape.

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