There’s one topic I think has significant importance to the direction technology will take in the next five years – the application and potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in transforming the public sector. I will clarify upfront that while I don’t claim to be an AI researcher, our team and networks have gained practical experience in applying AI technologies in real-world scenarios, which I believe, has given us valuable insights worth sharing.

The Potential of AI in Government Services

The public sector, by nature of its responsibility, has been a slow but steady adopter of advanced technologies. But it’s clear that AI has much to offer when it comes to enhancing efficiency, precision, and user experience in government services. The sheer capacity of AI to analyse massive data sets quickly and accurately, make predictive analysis, and automate routine tasks can revolutionise how the public sector operates.

Overcoming Challenges to AI Adoption

Implementing AI in the public sector does come with its set of challenges. Data privacy, security, ethical use of AI, and resistance to change are genuine concerns that must be responsibly addressed. At Rollercoaster Digital, we believe that these challenges, when met with thoughtful deliberation and a collaborative approach, can lead to robust solutions that serve all stakeholders.

The Crucial Role of AI Whisperers in Successful Implementation

Within the journey to AI integration, there exists an essential role – the AI Whisperers. These are individuals or teams adept at bridging the gap between human requirements and AI capabilities. They ensure that the AI tools are provided with the right inputs to generate the desired outputs. Think of using a tool like GPT-4 for automated text generation; without the correct input, the output may be far from useful, even damaging.

Why Expert Consultation Matters

Whether it’s Rollercoaster Digital or any other seasoned technology consultancy, having the right expertise on board is crucial. Implementation of AI is not just about the technicalities, it also requires a deep understanding of the sector where it’s being implemented, in this case, the public sector with its unique challenges and opportunities.

“AI should be viewed not as a threat, but as a tool that enhances human capabilities and makes government services more efficient and accessible.”

Alongside this, it is imperative to invest in comprehensive training and change management strategies to ensure a seamless transition. This means not only technical training but also educating about the benefits of AI and addressing any concerns.

The Future of AI in Government Services

We’re at the dawn of a transformative journey as we begin integrating AI into the public sector, and the potential is immense. At Rollercoaster Digital, we’re eager to be part of this transformative process. We are committed to leveraging our technological know-how to provide AI solutions that are reliable, ethical, and truly beneficial.

In the spirit of open discussion and collaboration, I welcome any thoughts, feedback, or questions about this topic. If you’re a government executive curious about how AI can be utilised in your department, feel free to reach out. Remember, the expertise to guide you on this journey is crucial, be it from Rollercoaster Digital or elsewhere.


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Chris Shackleton, Co-Founder of Rollercoaster Digital, merges a decade-long leadership with a deep understanding of technology and commercialisation strategy. Renowned for his ability to navigate complex business challenges, Chris harnesses his firsthand experience and a rich history of global collaborations and networks to offer valuable insights.

He has consistently worked at the crossroads of technology and business strategy, pioneering innovative solutions to drive enterprise growth. His successes in technology and business operations positions him uniquely to discuss the transformative power of technology, tech maturity, and their evolving roles in shaping the contemporary business landscape.

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