RcD was engaged to provide interim technical services and capacity for a high growth disruptive business.
Services specifically pertaining to the design and provision of a modular cloud sensor driven IoT solution that could ingest precise measurements from multiple devices in a harsh environment.

About the Project

The project required the design and manufacture for both a hardware and integrated software solution for 60+ devices that communicated with a proprietary custom cloud control solution.

The system provides bidirectional control of devices triggering 3rd party hardware, while collecting over 2 million data points per hour to provide high resolution analysis of the data. The system is capable of retaining data redundancy and self diagnosis, while continued local operation being key should cloud connectivity be lost.

Using cloud technologies and tools such as Grafana we were able to assist our client to generate large data sets that are feeding machine learning algorithms with world leading IoT institutions to enable the development a fully automated solution to meet our clients global needs.

Project Details

  • Client: Confidential
  • Date: Jun-Sep, 2018
  • Tools: Azure / AWS / Dataplicity / Grafana / PubNub / RPi / Arduino / Platform IO / InfluxDB
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