Booka for ACT Sport and Recreation required an IDAM solution that would meet the scalability requirements of the Booka project, integrate with 3rd party providers and importantly provide a vendor cloud hosted IDAM solution that would allow its application as a Whole Of Government approach without duplicating users accounts.

About the Project

Built on the backbone of Identity Server 4, RcD designed and deployed a proprietary IDAM system that allows granular permission and auditing controls to meet the strict requirements of compliance and privacy for government agencies.

The solution was designed specifically for government and to be easily integrated with other central identity services to allow the quick deployment of a Booka solution.

The IDAM system is live in the Booka system and through a pilot with the ACT Government Central Identity solution. This was achieved by working closely with the Digital Identity team and their Identity solution integrator, System Partners (recently acquired by DXC Technology).

Project Details

  • Client: Digital Canberra - ACT Government
  • Date: Jul, 2017 -> Ongoing
  • Tools: Azure / Identity Server 4 / API / Salesforce
  • Visit Project: ACT Sportsgrounds
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