Sport and Recreation is in the business of developing the ACT Community’s physical activity levels from social through to high performance participation, through the provision of sportsgrounds and other facilities, athlete support and capacity building programs to contribute to health, social and economic benefits.

About the Project

Booka is a user-friendly Software-as-as-Service product designed with the specific intention of allowing and managing bookings of publicly owned venues and facilities by members of the public. It was developed as an outcome of ACT Sport and Recreation seeking a better solution to the outdated web form provision built on heavy web links to an access database.

The system has been designed specifically for government with complex business rules, hundreds of stakeholders including internal and external users, and removes “Key Person Risk” by allowing enterprise roles.
ACT Sport and Recreation provides services to over 200 organisations and thousands of users. The system has enabled Transport Canberra and City Services, the Sport and Recreation parent directorate, to implement a cloud strategy that allows it to serve its customers better, faster and report in real time while lowering administration costs and decreasing lost opportunity.

Project Details

  • Client: ACT Sport and Recreation
  • Date: Jul, 2017 -> Ongoing
  • Tools: Azure / Data Translation / Angular / DevOps / API
  • Visit Project: ACT Sportsgrounds
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