Automation and control for connected but disparate systems utilising secure API’s, middleware and custom controllers.

By focussing on automating processes to reduce the human input required to complete tasks, the team brings hardware and software together in an easy-to-use way.

About our A&C Projects

Automation and control projects are all bespoke to the systems and environment they work in. When it comes to integrating with your existing systems or building an end-to-end solution, the focus is on clean, discrete technology that creates more efficient resource use and application.

Providing bi-directional control and automation, the solutions are real-world tools that allow users to better interact with people, places and assets. Whether providing access control, lighting, or even workflow automation, data resolution and feedback drives real-time triggering and response - so you always know exactly what is happening.

Using decentralised and cloud infrastructure reduces the risks around your connected technologies and ensures your systems are not only efficient, but robust in the real-world.

Project Details

  • Clients: Multiple
  • Tools: Azure / AWS / C# / Angular / Platform IO / Protege / Custom
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