Enterprise Facility Management


A cloud hosted system that allows the public to
easily book and pay for the hire of government assets.

Sporting grounds

Public meeting spaces

Performance venues

Health & wellness facilities

Public School Facilities



Booka lets government asset owners turn historical cost centres into revenue generating assets.


Enterprise Roles → Remove key person risk.
Self Service Booking → save administration time.
Online Payments → Avoid missed opportunity.

Cost Centre to Profitable Resource

Take bookings anywhere, anytime.
Flexible to suit your business rules.
Let your team serve your stakeholders.

Real Time Information

Real-time reporting.
Instant communication.
Instant analysis of asset usage.

Smart resources

Connect with your smart technologies.
Integrate hardware control for lighting, irrigation, access control, and more.

Avoid Conflicts

Booking conflict automated management.
Feed your ERP strategy.
Allocate resources and assets based on prior use.

Future proofed

Continual development and integration.
Cloud hosted→ latest infrastructure, always maintained.
Custom and bespoke implementation and services layers available for each subscription.


Booka differs from other systems in its business rules management and automation designed specifically for government, which streamlines the administration process for business system owners. Booka is also built to integrate with a wide range of third-party software, including asset management and ERP tools, messaging and communication platforms, banking and payment gateways, financial management tools, identity management systems, and building control and automation systems.


Booka is deployed based on the required business rules of the asset or venue owners.
This means each business area will have their own deployment and customisable processes, integrations and automation.

Where multiple business areas share common rules, they will be able to share a deployable instance.
This allows for the minimisation of costs such as hosting, support, maintenance and other overheads.