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MEDIA RELEASE – For Immediate Release

17 October 2017

Significant change is required to the way we consider digital security following the announcement overnight of the Key Reinstallation Attack (KRACK) vulnerability in the Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) security protocol. The vulnerability identifies a weakness within WPA2 that allows interception of traffic and insertion of malicious data into all wi-fi based communication.

The nature of the vulnerability calls into question the suitability of a network standard like wi-fi for applications where monitoring and active security measures are not in place or possible.

“This vulnerability reinforces our belief that there is a need to change the approach to networks. Vulnerabilities will always be discovered, but the ability of the network to identify and respond to an attack or interception is vital.” Rollercoaster Digital Founder and Co-CEO, Andrew Snell said.

“We have long held the view, and have been working to create, a network protocol that self maps, diagnoses and amputates an infected point as necessary. We see it as the only way to adequately protect people and data, particularly in widespread IoT environments.”

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“Out of thousands of applicants, Rollercoaster is one of nine Australian companies that will attend the event this week, where they will meet other entrepreneurs and investors and have the chance to collaborate with businesses from across the world.”




Canberra start-up Rollercoaster headed to US tech conference Collision

“Co-founders Chris Shackleton and Andrew Snell will be among the first Canberra businesses to attend the Collision business technology conference in the United States in May, which attracts more than 20,000 people from around the world.

Business leaders such as Tesla’s Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey, co-founder of Twitter, have attended Collision conferences, which are held three times a year in Ireland, Hong Kong and the United States”



Australian start-ups scout Wellington

“New Zealand’s capital city Wellington is fast shaping up as a world-class start-up hub, according to a group of Australian firms who won a trip across the Tasman.

Five Australian start-ups were selected to tour Wellington’s tech and start-up scene as part of the Wellington Adds up competition, a government drive to encourage wider business investment and attract strong ICT talent.”



Leading Canberra’s Innovation Challenge

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